Donations to Literacy Program from Maine,Uganda and the UK

Zoe Maguire aged 8 and sister Sasha 6 of  Bethel, Maine chose The Kasiisi Project for their 2010  fund raising project.  As a result of their efforts our literacy program now has an extra $351.78 to spend on books.

10 boxes of books have just arrived in Uganda   thanks to UK charity Bookaid International. The books will be shared between the Kasiisi Project libraries and local community libraries

Thanks to Dr. Peter Apell of the Jane Goodall Institute, Uganda we now have a laptop for the project that we don’t even have to carry across the Atlantic. 4 teachers  took a 2 month computer course at Mountains of the Moon University, Fort Portal over the Christmas break, which resulted in an improvement  in their ability to teach computer classes at Kasiisi Primary School that far exceeded our expectations. They will now be able to practice what they learned and will not lose their new skills.

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