US students fund Earth Day Celebrations for Kasiisi Project schools

Pupils from KFSSSP* / Kasiisi Project schools join communities and students from 10 schools in the south of Kibale National Park for Earth Day 2010 celebrations organized by fellow KFFCE**  members, UNITE*** and KAFRED****
T-shirts donated by Brevard Zoo, FL, Transport donated by Weston Public Schools, MA.

(* Kibale Forest Schools and Student Support Project, ** Kibale Forest Coalition for Conservation Education, *** Uganda and North Carolina International Teaching for the Environment, **** Kibale Association for Rural and Economic Development)

Thanks to a gift from Weston, MA, High School group Students for Environmental Action,  57 students and teachers  from 9 Kasiisi Project schools were able to join in celebrations to mark Earth Day 2010 on April 22nd . Founded 40 years ago by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson  to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment it is now celebrated in almost every country in the world. To mark this important 40th anniversary, Kibale Forest Coalition for Conservation Education (KFCCE) members KAFRED and UNITE (see partner list for Websites) brought Earth Day to Uganda for the first time and invited fellow KFCCE  organizations to join in the fun.  Pupils and teachers from each of the  Kasiisi Project schools and The Mainarao School Project joined peers from the 10 UNITE schools, the local community and Kamwenge District dignitaries in activities designed to raise environmental awareness.  These included demonstrations of fuel efficient stoves by another KFCCE member The Kibale Community Fuel-Wood Project, free guided walks in the Bigodi Wetlands, movie showings and drama and dance performances.


Kasiisi Project students on a guided walk in the Bigodi Wetlands 

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