Ranger Rick makes champs of Kibale chimps

We are very grateful to The National Wildlife Federation for their generous donation of 100 copies of this month’s edition of their great wildlife  magazine for kids, Ranger Rick. This edition is ideal  for Kasiisi Project schools because it features our very own Kibale chimps Link to article. The chimpanzee on the cover is Outamba. She has little Gola sitting on her lap. It is early morning and maybe she isn’t feeling so good because she is swallowing the leaves of the medicinal plant Rubia Cordifolia. Outamba and Gola are members of the Kyanyawara community,  the very same group that many Kasiisi Project students know from loud calls in the forest next to their villages or from  bananas missing  from the family farm. They may even have had brief glimpses of Outamba fleeing back into the forest  pursued by irate farmers.
The NWF, through their donation of  this attractive, glossy magazine  to children who have little experience of quality reading material,  have given us a wonderful opportunity to make a personal connection between Kasiisi Project  students  and the chimpanzees who are their neighbors.  These are our chimps so we know them well. We can describe the individuals shown in the article; their families and friends, their personalities and habits. We can talk  about these particular chimpanzees in a way that brings alive the close similarities between our students and their closest relations. Thanks to Ranger Rick  we can nurture empathy, kinship, pride and a desire to protect.

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2 Responses to Ranger Rick makes champs of Kibale chimps

  1. Vanessa says:

    wow! this is awesome!

  2. Cory says:

    Thanks for the post! I just found the blog recently. I'll circulate it to the Watershed kids so they can see a little more about what your organization does.


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