Science and Technology in Kasiisi Project Schools

Children in Kasiisi Project schools have had several opportunities, this summer,  to enrich their learning using modern technology thanks to volunteers from the US and Canada.

Kyanyawara Students completeing Tanagram puzzle

In an activity which is a also part of the Weston Public Schools curriculum in Massachusetts, over 100 children from Kyanyawara primary school turned up one Sunday to join visitors from Weston in hiding and searching for tangram puzzle pieces using GPS units.

Using GPS units to find puzzle pieces
Rweteera students make paper maps

At Kasiisi and Rweteera Primary schools, under the direction of Nick Doiron, environmental engineering students from Carnegie Mellon University, students used OLPC computers and Google maps to make digital and paper maps of their schools.

Kasiisi students studying digital map printouts of their school

They also meaasured and displayed light, heat and pressure using electronic sensors connected to the computers as part of a study of factors impacting environmental health.

Student designed “squeeze” sensor
Sensor to measure foot pressure,

Finally using kits provided by World Water Monitoring Day World Water Monitoring Day they analyzed water quality and mapped water sources.

Kasiisi “Water Quality test Team” in gloves and protective glasses
Nick Doiron the and the “Water Quality Team”

You can find  more details of this very exciting project on Nick Doiron’s BLOG which provides a detailed account of his time in Uganda this summer.

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