Kasiisi Project Program Videos

Great Primate Handshake www.primatehandshake.org made movies for the Kasiisi Project for the second year in 2010. They have just posted 3 great new videos about our programs on Youtube.
To see the Kasiisi Literacy Program in action in our wonderful library click on  The Kasiisi Literacy Initiative. 
For more information about where we are with our OLPC computer program and to see why the computers have been so important for comprehension of mapping, an area that teachers have told us is a real challenge for the children they teach, click on  Kasiisi Computer Program.

Kasiisi Wildlife Club collecting litter
Primate Handshake volunteers

Conservation is at the core of our project’s mission and Primate Handshake volunteers joined the Kasiisi School Wildlife Club in a trash collecting  sortie into the local village followed by conservation games. To watch our club in action more click on Kasiisi Wildlife Club.

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