Kasiisi Project’s first University Graduate


Congratulations to Kasiisi Project scholar Koojo Mathew who graduated this month with a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Kampala International University.
Supported through secondary school and college by the upper elementary students of The Field School in Weston, MA, Mathew is our first scholar to graduate from University. This is a great day for us and for Mathew!
His letter of thanks to the Field School on obtaining his degree copied below, really emphasizes the challenges for facing our scholars and the kind of successful outcome we are striving for.

I take this opportunity to greet you and thank you for the great work you are doing

I am glad to inform you that I have officially graduated at Kampala International University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in marketing.

I write to thank you very much for the effort and contributions you made to make this possible for me – thank you very much.

When I was 9 years in the village of Mwibaale, I lost my father, and barely knew who my mother was I became hopeless and knew that was the end of me too. I was a young boy with big dreams like; a family of my own, driving a big car, having my own office and travelling the world, but on that day after the death of my father, I knew everything had come to an end! I knew I was going to be like some of my village mates who survived on grazing people’s cows and goats and farming for those who were well off
With all my fears, I tried as much as I could to keep up with the hard work in class as much as I did at home.
Three years later I sat my Primary leaving Exams which I passed very well, being the best in my class for that year (2000). But I was not sure what the next step in life was for me, because at that time secondary education seemed expensive and unaffordable.  But one of the happiest days of my life was the day I got a notice from the American Friends of Kasiisi Primary School well-known as AFROKAPS. I found so much joy in every word that I heard as I was told that I had earned myself a scholarship to do my secondary education.
I did my six years of secondary education against all odds but I thank God that He saw me through. Having done my Advanced level of secondary education, I was happy that I had also attained some education and I still had faith that I would continue. I was filled with more joy when   I was informed that you were continuing to sponsor me even for my University education, I knew that nothing would put me down
My life has not been an easy one. I had to spend most of my time away from home pursuing my education; and sometimes I felt like I did not get enough moral support from my family. However, I did not accept to be put down by these mis-happenings that occurred to me. One of my principles in life has been to use any challenge that I face as a stepping stone to advance to another level and so that has been the case.
I have to admit that the going has not been easy but with the financial push that you have given me this whole time, my life has been simplified. Thank you very much for you have not only give me financial support, but you have given me a life, one that I never knew I would ever have. I thank God that He has blessed me through you. You have given me courage, hope and a future, you have raised me from a nobody, to somebody now. I pray to God that He gives me the will to use the gift you have given me to help those who come after me, so as to change their lives like you did mine.

I am excitedly looking forward to life after school. Getting a job is not easy in Uganda, but I am looking at all openings. In the mean time, I have been helping at Kasiisi. Whatever happens, I know that I would like to do a master’s degree in the near future.

I am dreaming big. And I can afford to dream. Thanks to you, now I can see a bright future ahead.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

May God bless you-all abundantly.

Koojo Mathew Apuuli.

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4 Responses to Kasiisi Project’s first University Graduate

  1. Jeff Bittner says:

    Great Job Mathew!

  2. Mrs. Wyman says:

    Matthew is an amazing young man. I have no doubt he will go far in life. We so enjoyed our time with him this summer at Kibale. Congratulations, Matthew!

  3. Stephen Shaw says:

    The most important thing about education is that it gives opportunity. Matthew has certainly made the most of his. His story inspires all of the Kasiisi scholars.

  4. koojo mathew apuuli says:

    Thank you everyone. It would not have been possible if it wasn't for your love and support.

    Thank you.

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