Cleveland Zoo Grant

Teachers test water turbidity

The Kasiisi Project has been awarded a grant from Cleveland Zoo for a school based project studying the impact of deforestation on water quality. In partnership with The Kibale Fish Project P6 (Grade 5) students from our 5 core schools will map streams, ponds and swamps inside and outside the forest and then carry out a range of tests measuring water quality in wet and dry seasons. Idea Wild  has generously supplied GPS units and other equipment.
Our students are no strangers to GPS units having participated in a cross-currilcular program with Weston School District in Massachusetts which involved  hiding and then locating puzzle pieces using GPS. In a pilot project last summer students used kits supplied by World Water Monitoring Day to measure pH and dissolved oxygen in drinking water sources. Results  and locations were then mapped digitally. This was a great success so we are very grateful to Cleveland Zoo for giving us the resources to expand the program to more children.

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