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Volunteer - Katya Wheelwright

My involvement with the Kasiisi Project began in 2006 when I fundraised for the project as a part of my sophomore National Honor Society project at my high school. I collected enough money to support a Kasiisi scholar in his final year of secondary school. This was only the beginning for my connection with the Kasiisi Project and Uganda. Two years later I did a book drive for the Kasiisi schools, and the summer after I graduated from high school, I had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with my mom and personally deliver the books. During my time there, I helped do little projects around the school that needed to get done, including hanging a giant wall size world map, which is in what is now the Kasiisi School library. In 2009, I returned to Uganda to carry out a disease prevention program through basic health and hygiene education. I provided the headmasters of all five Kasiisi Project schools with first aid kits for each classroom, and I educated the majority of the Kasiisi students about germs and hand hygiene. And when not working on the health education project, I helped set up the Kasiisi Project library. My time in Uganda changed me. It made me appreciate life so much more. In May 2012, I will graduate from Boston College with a nursing degree. Someday I will return to Uganda to use my nursing skills to help the children of the Kasiisi Project. These children face adversity every day, but not once have I seen them with anything but smiles on their faces.

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