Nancy Merrick, Gary Lairmore and their children Brian and Kate

Kasiisi Volunteers

Who knew that you can paint blackboards to restore their smooth surfaces and make them useful once again? We loved working on the project, and hope they help!

We saw some amazing volunteer efforts, including the early construction of the new farm, the new library at Kyanyawara School, conservation lessons and even a nutritional study being carried out by volunteers. We saw the new preschool, the dormitories under construction at Kasiisi School, and the need for new blocks of classrooms to replace those no longer habitable at Rweteera School. We saw how the Kasiisi Project is changing the lives of students every day. Once we got home, we sold locally-made Ugandan jewelry to raise money and awareness of the amazing Kasiisi Project. We’ll look for more opportunities to help, having seen the need and having been thoroughly inspired by the team of people making it happen!



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