Amy Hanna

Volunteer - Amy Hanna

I found out about the Kasiisi Project though meeting Elizabeth Ross, Director, at a conference for Zoo Educators in 2010. I was invited by Elizabeth to visit the project when I moved to Uganda a year later. At the Kasiisi Project I volunteered as Conservation Education Manager and worked with a Kasiisi Scholar graduate, Francis Rwabuhuhinga to build the Wildlife Clubs in five core schools of the Kasiisi Project. It was an amazing experience and I truly believe in this project. Educating the youth about the issues that face Kibale National Park, which is their backyard, is real and effective. Working with the Wildlife Club teachers, they designed fun, memorable and hands-on conservation activities. We were very active in 2011! The 250 Wildilife Club students made paper mache animal masks and choreographed conservation themed skits (dramas). They planted trees, and grew indigenous tree seedlings to donate to their families. They dug trash pits on school grounds and posted garbage bins for school clean-up. We showed them animal films and brought them into the forest on nature walks! World Wildlife Fund collaborated with us for Conservation Camp! This organization is the best I’ve seen in Africa; it is established for over 15 years, has a great reputation and is fun to work with!



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