Conservation through Sports

Kigarama Girls are best!
Kyanyawara boys soccer team triumphs
Kigarma netball team plays Kasiisi
Kigarma boys block attempt by Kyanyawara

The mission that drives the work of The Kasiisi Project is first and foremost conservation of Kibale National Park and the many animals that call it home. From birds to elephants, many Kibale Forest residents are not highly regarded locally. As the conservation arm of the Kibale Chimpanzee Project, we focus particularly, on changing our students attitudes to a key umbrella species, chimpanzees. As part of this effort we look for programs that connect fun activities and primates.

Thanks to the generosity of Brevard Zoo’s young conservationists group we now have soccer, netball and atheletic uniforms for all 5  schools. Printed on T-shirts in each school’s uniform color, chimpanzee logos, a gift of Columbus Zoo, link our work in the schools with our conservation mission. In this way local communities are reminded of the connection between protecting the forest and better education for their children.

Brevard Zoo Sports Cups

Last week the Brevard Zoo sport cups were fiercely contested in an all day knockout tournament supported by over 3000 fans.

Kyanyawara captain claims the cup

Kyanyawara school took away the cup for soccer and the Kigarama girls triumphed in netball. An annual event, any school which wins 3 years in a row will keep the cup.

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