Fulbrights and Masks

Alice Bator and project nurse and health education director, Kabajansi Lucy

Fulbright Award: Alice Bator, graduating senior from Vanderbilt University and director of the Kasiisi Project Girls Program has been awarded a Fulbright ETA fellowship. For 10 months Alice will be teaching English in South Africa and at the same time broadening her experience of development projects. Based on the huge impact her work with The Kasiisi Project is having, she will do a great job. Congratulations Alice!

Mixing the clay

 Conservation Activities

Books can be very useful if you need help

With help from volunteer Erika Nunlist, the children from Kyanyawara Primary School Wildlife Club have been making animal masks.

Making the molds
Next comes papier mache

Having already made  masks of chimps the children  branched out and leopards, lions and buffalo are now prowling around the school playground.

Then the paint
and Buffalo!

These kind of projects teach children about their environment and foster positive attitudes towards conservation. This one has had the added bonus of linking books and literacy with messy fun. As Kyanyawara school is next in line for the literacy and library program this was a great way to introduce the concept that books are for joy and entertainment as well as work!
The masks will be used for dance and drama presentations.

Thank you Erika!!!

Erika and friends
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  1. Pam says:

    These masks are gorgeous! What fun it will be to use them in dramatic expressions of conservation issues as well! Thanks to all involved.

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