Peer-Educators for Girls

 Peer Education Workshop at Makerere Univerity Biological Field Station: Thank you MUBFS!
How to be a great peer counselor
Rachel and Lucy;  our wonderful mentors

Last week  The Kasiisi Project Girls Program responded to the very positive feedback and great evaluations we received from a pilot scheme  trialled in 3 project schools and took our successful Girls’ Peer Education Program into 10 more forest edge schools. Our school nurse and Health Education Director, Kabajansi Lucy, assisted by Ainembabazi Rachel from Jane Goodall Institute (Uganda) who introduced the program to our schools 2 years ago, held a 2 day workshop for 2 girls and the Senior Woman Teacher from each school. They learned about puberty, reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases, but more importantly to
be good counselors to their

classmates, to be a source of accurate information and most important of all to always keep information shared with them confidential. We have just
begun to introduce a similar program for boys, recognizing that, in a country where woman have little control over their sexual lives, to focus on girls alone will not give us the reduction in teenage pregnancies, lower rates of STDs and the generation of young women who have completed their education that is our goal.
We would like to thank MUBFS for supporting our program by generously reducing  rates for food, accommodation and hire of the lecture room.

And baby came too!
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