Kasiisi-Weston Nursery School Opens!

Kasiis-Weston Nursery School
New Pupils
Beth Kasenene and Weston-Windows 
pupils in their new uniforms!

May 23rd  was an exciting day for the Kasiisi-Weston Nursery School as it accepted its first 20 students. Currently only 2 of the 4 classrooms are finished but when the school is completed it will have facilities for 60 children. This is the first pre-school in the area to have qualified staff and first class facilities. The school uniforms are blue to match that of  Kasiisi Primary School.

Arriving for first day at school

Teaching our first 2 classes will be  Kazairwe Maureeen and Kawino Jennipher,  Kasiisi Project Scholars  sponsored by The Field School in Weston, MA, who have just completed their pre-school teacher training courses and who have come back to work for us.

The Forest Classroom
Chris Thurston by the  foundations of the pre-school  

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful event. In particular we thank the parents and staff of Weston Weston Windows pre-school, First Parish Church in Weston, The Cold Brook Fund, The Rotary Club of Bowling Green,Ohio,  the Quilting Eagles quilting group and the Nuttman family. But this great event owes most of all to  Chris Thurston, former director of Weston Windows whose idea this was in the first place and whose vision and determination that has brought  quality preschool education to the children of Kabarole district, Uganda.

If you would like to donate books and toys please contact Elizabeth Ross at elizabethross26@gmail.com

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  1. Pam says:

    Fantastic news! Congrats to builders, teachers, and students.

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