The lights go on at Kasiisi!

Lights go on at Kasiisi Primary School

Kasiisi Primary School finally has electricity!!

Last  week, in a first for our project, Kasiisi Primary School turned on the lights and the library, staffroom and school offices glowed in the darkness.

Kasiisi is the first project school and the only government primary school in Ruteete county to have mains electricity.

This wonderful accomplishment is made even better by the fact that this is a joint endeavor between the parents at the school who paid to wire the building and the Kasiisi Project which brought in the main power line.

It  opens up a host of new and exciting educational possibilities for our students and their teachers The office will have copiers and and printers, the library tapes and CDs and the kids will have movies and music without the cumbersome, expensive challenge of generators, batteries, inverters and fuel. Charging our 170 One Laptop Per Child computers is suddenly easy!

We thank the girls of the Nashoba Brooks “Youth in Philanthropy Program” who voted to donate through the Foundation for Metrowest  to pay for the 11 poles and the Quilting Eagles of Bowling Green, Ohio whose wonderful quilt when raffled covered wire, labor and access fees.

There have been many exciting times with this project but this is really and truly an awesome moment – in the original meaning of the word!

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2 Responses to The lights go on at Kasiisi!

  1. Pam says:

    This is fantastic!

  2. Alasdair says:

    Congratulations from the Great Primate Handshake. Fantastic to know you reached your goal and we look forward to seeing the benefit electricity will bring the school.

    Alasdair Davies

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