Ape Conservation Grant

Children making molds for chimp masks at Kyanyawara School

The Kasiisi Project along with partners Nature for Kids and UNITE/North Carolina Zoo have received a grant to help promote great ape conservation throughout Africa.  The grant will contribute to funding the  production of 3 multi-language videos designed for children. These will target the main factors impacting great ape survival, habitat loss, snares, the bush meat trade and ape:human conflicts.  The videos will have a similar format to the NFK current videos which are already in use in Kasiisi Project schools. They will be produced in English and French as well as several African languages and are designed to be used in all African countries with great apes
The grant also provides 3 years of funding for educational outreach in 26 schools around Kibale and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks. This groundbreaking program will combine showing the videos to schools, wildlife clubs and communities, with in depth training of teachers and wildlife club leaders and with fun and engaging, hands on activities designed promote empathy for great apes and to contribute in a practical way to their conservation.

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