Summer Updates 3 Volunteers

Barn raising: Everyone helping out at the farm
Chirs, Ellen, Amy, Matt B., Michelle and Caroline

This summer was as usual a busy time, and we were fortunate  to have talented and enthusiastic volunteers to help out. Old friends, new friends and family joined us in working with many of our key projects. We are really grateful for their help. We were able to do fun projects with the children which would otherwise not be possible and we supported their education  through library projects, curriculum development and teacher training.

Michelle,Brennan and friends

Some of these kind people  we have mentioned in past BLOGS. Erika Nunlist made masks with the children at Kyanyawara school; Harvard student Brennan Vail compared the energy output of children from schools which provided lunch through the Kasiisi Porridge Project and those at schools who did not and  her colleague Michelle Sirois  worked on a special environmental and literacy project with over 60 children who wrote and illustrated stories about animals and the environment. She also helped Nurse Lucy develop a new health curriculum.

Ellen and colleagues at Kyanyawara
Comprehending rules with Chris
Help with a computer lesson and the loan of a hat!

Educators Chris Affleck and Ellen Sarkisian collaborated with colleagues at  Kyanyawara Primary School to share methods of teaching reading comprehension and  UK high school graduates Ivor Green, Chris Bowie, Karl Okunubi and Michael Chan filled in time before going up to University by  helping out on a wide range of programs – conservation, sports, libraries, computers  and after school remedial studies.

Rob, Matt and farm manager Joseph
Nancy and Gary painting blackboards

Mathew Parker and Rob Mawson, recent UK architect graduates  generously contributed their expertise and knowledge and designed a master plan for the new Kasiisi Project Farm. Rob and Matt also got their hands dirty – building a chicken house, latrine, planting trees and much more

Old friend and US doctor Nancy Merrick visited the Kasiisi Project with her husband Gary and children, Kate and Bryan. They  painted school blackboards and consulted on our health, farm and nutrition programs. Nancy,  who who studied chimpanzees Tanzania with Jane Goodall (and Kasiisi Project Board member Richard Wrangham), is active with her family  in the Jane Godall Institute Roots and Shoots program in the US, a great resource for our own Roots and Shoots clubs..
Binoculars are not so easy! Emilie  and Conservation  campers
Hillegonda and Masks at Kiko

Emilie Riss, Harold Van Rossem, Hillegonda Van Zinnicq Bergamnn and Sophie Van Rossem made paper mache masks at Kiko Primary School with the wildlife club, planted trees at the Kasiisi Project Farm and spent 3 days helping with a wildlife club weekend in Kibale National Park with 40 children! They also brought many beautiful art supplies for the children!

Sophie does better!
Susan Donovan helps edit at Kyanyawara
John and Barbara help with the water project at Kiko

Susan Donovan helped Michelle Sirois with her story project and John Donovan and Barbara Belcher-Timme got muddy and wet with the children of Kiko schools as they collected and analysed water for our water project.

And it was not all work – Kasiisi Project scholar and summer volunteer Tusiime Patrick got a swimming lesson.

Tusiime Patrick learns to swim with help from Ronan Donovan
A special thank you to ALL the 2011 volunteers. We truly appreciated your generosity and support.
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