Summer Updates 4 Literacy – Libraries, Workshops and Preschools

Students at Kyanyawara can borrow books for the first time in their new library
Building bookshelves

This summer saw the setting up of our second school library. This time at Kyanyawara primary school. Two rooms, one for the books and one for a reading were transformed, with lots of work from visitors, volunteers, teachers and parents, into clean, freshly painted spaces complete with shelves, ready and waiting for the books to arrive. Under the guiding hand of Barbara Stevens, director of the Kasiisi Project Literacy Program, books donated by friends in the US and by UK charity Book Aid Internationalwere unpacked, cataloged and labelled. The children of Kyanyawara could now borrow books for the first time.

Painting the library

Volunteers Ellen Sarkisian and Chris Affleck spent 2 weeks at Kyanyawara priming the staff for the arrival of the books by sharing methods of teaching comprehension to primary aged children.

Ellen, Chris and colleagues at Kyanayawara
Kasiisi Project Scholar Tibisiimwa Irene helps at Kyanyawara
Women’s group meets at Kasiisi
Barbara and friend

Barbara set up reading groups and held workshops for both Kasiisi and Kyanyawara teachers on literacy. The women’s literacy group now meets every week. For lots more information about her time in Uganda go to Barbara’s BLOG.

BookAid International Team at Kyanyawara Library

All this hard work was rewarded by the delight of the visiting Book Aid International team, who loved the bright airy libraries decorated with children’s artwork, and were so impressed by the performance of the children in the Kasiisi reading circles, that the head librarian of Kyamboga University claimed they must have been coached in what to say! Book Aid have pledged to keep providing our schools with books.
We owe a special thank you to cousin Gardner Thompson a volunteer with Book Aid International who made the connection for us.

Pre-school children and books

And just because we are SO proud of our pre-school here is an update. The rooms are amazing, the teachers wonderful and the kids so happy that we just have to show you more photos of the Kasiisi – Weston Nursery School. In keeping with the literacy theme of this BLOG, we include one of their library (The Water and Wetland Room)with shelves ready and waiting for books! Thanks to all of you who have contributed and continue to contribute to this fabulous program for our youngest children.

Rivers, swamps and lakes decorate the Pre-School Library
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  1. Gaby Whitehouse says:

    Congratulations all around! This is wonderful news. Looking forward to meeting Dominic in Cambridge.

    Gaby Whitehouse

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