Kasiisi Print Cards for Sale

Card 1: Cooking with a Fuel Efficient Stove
Card 2: Vehicles
Card 4:  House with Chicken Hut
Card 3: 2 houses
Card 6: House with water tank
Card 5: Garden Tools
Card 8: Crowned Crane
Card 7: Black and White Colobus Monkeys

Kasiisi Prints result from a  collaboration between the children of Kasiisi Project schools who drew the pictures, and artist Kayo Burmon who transformed them into beautiful cards.Unique and colorful they are a message from our children telling you about what is important in their lives. They are blank inside so they  make a great gift,  birthday card, congratulations card or  just a plain “how are you” card and all proceeds support our Conservation Education programs in Uganda. So when you buy them also you help save the Uganda’s rainforests  and the chimpanzees who live in them. Packed in cellophane sleeves they cost $3 each, $11 for 4 and $15 for 6 plus postage and packing – $2 for 1-4 cards and $2.25 for 6. You can order all the same or a selection of different cards. The garden tools are popular with gardening clubs!
If you live near Boston we will deliver for 6 cards or more or you can pick them up from Weston.  You can pay by cash, check or Paypal in $$, ££ or Ugandan Shillings.
If you would like to an order please e-mail Elizabeth Ross (click on my name for the link).

Card 10: Birds

Interested in holiday cards? Then watch this space – they are in production!

Card 11: Guinea Fowl and Flower
Card 9: Banana Tree
Back of Cards
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