Kasiisi Project Scholars 2011

Since 1998 the Kasiisi Project has supported 115 students for post primary education. All scholars are selected on merit and must have been a pupil in one of our schools for at least 3 years. On average and depending on the number of sponsors who have signed on, we add between 5 and 10 students a year.  90% receive full scholarships the majority of which are privately sponsored.

All scholars and their parents or guardians sign contracts with the project in which consequences for poor performance and bad behavior are clearly laid out. All our secondary school students attend the best boarding schools we can send them to, and recognizing that coming from poor rural schools our students are at a disadvantage when compared to their peers, the scholarship committee provides wrap-around support both for academic issues and personal concerns.  All scholars and parents meet with the Scholarship Committee 3 times a year to review grades, problems at  school, changes in family situations etc and holiday remedial tutoring is provided for all students to help them catch up. Scholars are required to produce reports and letters to sponsors 3 times a year. Following High School those that wish to continue with their education are supported through either university or vocational training. 100% of the students who have graduated from our program have jobs!

If you are interested in learning more about our program or wish to give a Ugandan child the gift of education by becoming a sponsor or co-sponsor please contact us at elizabethaross@mac.com.

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