Namara Godwin


Namara Godwin has just finished his first 4 years of secondary school. Despite a period of poor health, now happily over, which interfered with his education for about a year he has passed his first public exams with a Grade 1 aggregate. He has the best kind of results – even good performance across all subjects. His perseverance and courage qualifies him for support from the project for grades 11 and 12. However, sadly Godwin’s sponsor is no longer able to support him. This is not because of anything he has done. He has fulfilled his side of our contract impeccably: he is well behaved and hard working. He just drew a short straw. We now have to fulfill our part of this pact – we are committed to making sure he finishes school – but we need your help.

So we are looking for someone who is interested in helping him finish high school, perhaps someone who has thought about sponsoring a student but who may not want to commit to 4 years of support for one of our younger children. Someone who wants to help a really good kid finish school. To give him a future.

IS THAT YOU? If it is please e-mail me at for details

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