Self-Sustainablity – Education, Kasiisi Porridge Project Farm and Guest House


Kasiisi Project Scholar Nyakato Flavian

In January 2012 Nyakato Flavian became the second Kasiisi Project Scholar to graduate from university. Sponsored by The Field School in Weston for her post-primary education Flavian obtained a BA in Urban Planning from Makerere University.Congratulations to everyone student and sponsors!


A Kasiisi Project farm chicken - is this one yours?

Crowned Cranes – Uganda’s national bird-nest at the farm

African Gray Parrots at the Kasiisi Farm

Kibale Chimp Project, Kasiisi Project and Kibale Forest Schools Project study farm plans

Funded by the Kasiisi Porridge Project, Stage 1 of the development of The Kasiisi farm is well under way. We are about toharvest our first crop of maize, the first beans are in, the first of 2 of an eventual 12 chicken houses have been built and the first 600 chickens are in residence! Thank you everyone who gave chickens as Christmas gifts – this is your chick! With help from the student members of the Wildlife Clubs of Kasiisi and Kigarama schools, 170 native trees are already well established and the farm provides work for 3 employees. Crowned cranes are nesting in our trees, African Gray Parrots are foraging in our fields and Hadada Ibis are flying overhead: So we are clearing bush carefully to conserve our wildlife and provide future visitors to our planned Eco-Camping site with plenty of birdwatching.

Joseph – The farm manager with our first maize!

Kasiisi Wildlife Club plant trees


Living Room in House 1

A twin bedroom

In a continuing effort to generate income for the project the staff housing at Kasiisi has been converted into guest quarters for volunteers, project visitors, and for tourists wanting to have a close-up experience of a Ugandan school. Newly wired for electricity the guest house  will eventually house and feed up to 11 people.

The food is good, the internet signal clear most of the time, the beer? Well not exactly micro-brewery but perfectly drinkable and its COLD! We are close to chimpanzee tracking, crater lakes, tea factories. You can play soccer or read to our kids, plant trees, harvest maize and we have great views of the Ruwenzori mountains!

Come and stay!!

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