First Pigs arrive at Kasiisi Farm as Children debate Forest Conservation

Pigs arrive on the Kasiisi Project Farm

Sonya, Caroline, Kate, Amy, Emily and Lydia

Kasiisi Project Pigpens

Named in honor of 6  key Kasiisi Project women , our first piglets have arrived at the Kasiisi farm. Sonya, Caroline, Amy,  Kate, Emily and Lydia – fecund mothers of the future we hope – tuck into dinner!

Kiko (in green) vs Kasiisi. Judges: Volunteers, Conor Smith and Ananada Clothier

Competing in the first round of the Kibale Chimpanzee Debate Cup 2012 (funded by an IPS Jacobsen Education Development Award) The Kasiisi School team proposed that “Collecting Wood from Kibale National Park should be banned.” The team from Kiko opposed the motion. Forest conservation is an important issue for Kibale Forest’s chimpanzees , as is the need for fuel wood for its human neighbors.  The children are learning about the dangers of deforestation and the possibilities for conservation and improved health offered by energy-efficient, clean burning stoves. You can watch some of the the debate in action  and see Kyanyawara children educating their peers from Kigarama about the advantages of fuel efficient stoves.(link to URL and scroll down for video).

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  1. Ha, do all of the 6 key Kasiisi Project women know that they have a pig named after them?

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