Peace Corps Volunteer joins the Kasiisi Project

Keith Miller – Kasiisi Project Peace Corps Volunteer hits the ground running, judging a debate in the competition for the Kibale Chimpanzee Project Debate Cup

We are delighted to welcome Peace Corps volunteer Keith Miller to the Kasiisi Project. Keith who has  degree in Environmental Health Science is a wonderful match for our organisation. Although he has been  has been assigned to us for the next 2 years to help with Community Economic Development, his experiences with organic farming and his time as an Americorps Volunteer  in national parks in Florida and Nevada, where he tagged sea turtles, reduced forest fuel use, identified and treated invasive non-native plants and worked in Conservation Education, makes him a perfect fit for our organisation.

Keith will have 2 main goals:

1. Working with the Board of Directors of our Ugandan counterpart “The Kibale Forest Schools Program” to maintain and accelerate the progress we have made over the past 2 years to build this Community Based Oganisation into an effective, professional and sustainable institution capable of leading the project far into the future.

2. Advancing project income generating programs;  including the school farm and the Kasiisi Guesthouse and helping develop new initiatives within the wider community – producing papyrus paper for local sanitary pads and working with our women’s group to produce high quality crafts.

Welcome on Board Keith – we are so happy to have you as a member of our team.

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