Accounting help for Kasiisi Project

Lee San

We are delighted to announce that UK charity Accounting for International Development (AID) volunteer Lee San Lim will be joining our project in Uganda on August 22nd for 2.5 months to overhaul our accounting system. Lee San who is a Malaysian by birth is taking sabbatical leave from her job  in the HSBC Global Finance Change Program in London to share her accounting skills with us and to travel. We know that poor accounting practices are a major drag on developing a sound project, and aware of our own lack of knowledge we are very grateful to Lee San for volunteering her time to  help us. With a new Peace Corps Volunteer just starting this seems a perfect time to get our accounts in good order. AID also offers follow up visits to make sure everything remains on track.

While she is with us Lee San will work alongside Kasiisi Project accountant Amamyire James to;  perform an internal audit to assess the existing financial procedures and controls; improve any areas on the accounts  to ensure accuracy, transparency and clarity; provide recommendations on potential areas of improvement to improve controls and efficiency; implement recommendations (as agreed by the board) and ensure appropriate training is provided to staff to carry on changes after her departure; address any other financial/accounting issues that arise


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