Photography Project at Kigarama Primary School

Two Boys on a Bicycle

Liyun Jin following her graduation from Harvard College in May, spent  a month in Uganda volunteering with the Kasiisi Project. Li used her photographic interests and  talents to  offer an after school photography class to the children at Kigarama Primary School, as part of a collaborative project with students at the Urban Assembly School of Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx, New York, an affiliate of the Bronx Zoo.

Li and her class




Learning to use a camera





Putting the lesson into practice




Learning to use cameras for the first time they took photos of their lives – friends, families,  homes and the world around them.

Grandmother and Friend

Eating Maize

They experimented with different ways to take photos – through material, pipes, windows and  vegetation; they rotated the cameras and they took self portraits.

Pious Through Matoke Stems

Self Portrait with Flowers

Sister Kellen Through a Pipe

They discussed their favorite pictures and why they had taken them. They  projected them onto a wall and talked about light, interesting subjects and good composition. We are totally bowled over by the quality of these photographs.


The Blue Door

Shamila and Ruth

We are immensely grateful to Li for this fabulous innovative program that  gave our students such a wonderful experience and we look forward to sharing more of the children’s amazing work in the near future.

Going Home from Nursery School

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