Kibale Chimpanzee Project Debate Cup won by Kasiisi School

Muhenda Richard, Kasiisi School debate teacher, enthusiastic winning debate team and the Kibale Chimpanzee Debate Cup

Funded by a Jacobsen award from the International Primatological Society The Kibale Chimpanzee Debate Cup was won by Kasiisi Primary School who narrowly beat Kigarama into second place by 1 point.

Kiko  student puts her point

Designed to improve knowledge of environmental issues, spoken English and debating skills the competition had 5 Kasiisi Project Schools debating each other at home and away, using a complicated schedule, multiple debates and hard working  judges. Topics included “Chimpanzees should be given special protection because they are our nearest relatives”, Local people should be allowed to hunt inside Kibale National Park” and “Collecting wood inside Kibale National Park should be banned”.

Setting up the debate

Conor Smith  and Rwaubinga Francis, studying debate scores

The competitions were organised and presided over by Rwabuhinga Francis; Kasiisi Project Field Conservation Education Director and Conor Smith a student from Bates College who is volunteering with the project until December. Judges included researchers and students from Kibale National Park and summer volunteers.


Followed by the Girl Guides

Kasiisi School Band leads the parade


Volunteer Li Jin hands out the prizes

The competition ended with a party. Led by a band and parading girl scouts everyone enjoyed a celebratory meal of meat and rice, and cake,  followed by the presentation of the cup and prizes.

Prizes for everyone!


Thank you to Conor, Francis, Emily, our judges, the schools and the debate teachers for all your hard work and thank you to the IPS for funding this exciting program. We were really impressed by the quality of the debates and everyone learned a lot!

A cake for Kyanyawara

A cake for every school!

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