USAID funds Kasiisi Project Mobile Literacy Program

The Kasiisi Project is partnering with Urban Planet Mobile developer of award winning educational programs for mobile devices, in a pilot project funded by Australian Aid, World Vision, and USAID, to improve literacy through the use of mobile phones.

Daily audio literacy lessons will be sent to the primary adult caregivers of preschool and first grade children automatically. These lessons will be in native Rutooro so that all adults, regardless of their literacy level, will be able to participate, and hopefully learn from them too.

Kasiisi Project board member Caroline Riss reads to Kasiisi Project Preschool students

This pilot program builds on the principal that one of the most important parts of a child’s literacy development is the active involvement of a parent and by designing literacy programs for the almost ubiquitous mobile phone, the project’s aim is to avoid the problems of accessibility and affordability that are associated with books.

Kasiisi Project Women’s Literacy Circle

The Kasiisi Literacy Initiative is already promoting the development of literacy skills in preschool children, by sponsoring weekly reading circles for the mothers and grandmothers who care for them, so this new pilot program, MobilLiteracy Uganda ©, which will “Test and Prove the Efficacy of SMS with Audio in Developing Literacy-Rich Home Environments in Western Uganda”, builds on and expands current programs. Evaluation will be carried out by RTI International.

Kasiisi Preschool children enjoying books

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