Kasiisi Updates: Exam Results, Scholarships, Water Tanks and University Graduates

Primary Leaving Exam Results

Kasiisi Primary School excelled academically again in 2012. Every year, except one, since 2004 has seen Kasiisi Primary School Primary Leaving Exam results improve. Lower scores indicate better academic performance.

Average PLE Results for Kasiisi Primary School 2004-2012

In 3 of the last 4 years girls at Kasiisi have outperformed boys, supporting the findings of Dr. Catrina Mackenzie who studied academic performance in schools around Kibale National Park. She found that girls from Kasiisi Project Schools did better than those at peer schools, suggesting that what we are doing to support girls’ education is working.

Remember the lower the score the better!


Getting good PLE scores, wonderful as they are, is just the first step on the road to a secure future. The majority of the 45% of Kasiisi Project graduates who scored a Grade 1 pass in 2012, will not be able to attend secondary school through lack of funds, so we are particularly grateful to 2 donors. The African Orphan Foundation are supporting the education of 2 more orphaned girls, and the family of the late Sir Gabriel Horn generously donated the collection at his memorial service to the scholarship project, allowing us to ensure that one more promising student can finish his education.

Girl’s Boarding Facilities one step closer

The Kasiisi School boarding facilities are one step closer to completion. For both boys and girls  academic success is often made harder by  long walks to school, agricultural and domestic chores, poor diets and lack of light for evening studies. For girls, who are vulnerable to sexual overtures on the road to school,  boarding provides not only better access to academic assistance but also helps delay first  sexual experience. While we recognize that boarding is equally important for the academic success of both sexes, finding funding for boys is very difficult, and so we are focusing initially on completing  the girls’ facilities. The first step is to make sure that we have enough water for mixing the large quantities of cement we will need; water that is very expensive to truck in.   However, the  huge roof of the dorm is a perfect water catchment area during heavy rains if we only have large enough storage facilities to take advantage of them. The first of  3 underground water tanks which will first provide enough water for building and then  for the dorms is almost finished.

Underground water tank Kasiisi School Dormitory


Kasiisi Scholar Graduates

Rwabuhinga Francis graduates from Makerere University

Rwabuhinga Francis represents the outcome that our project strives for; the academic foundation that will help a students succeed in whatever direction he or she chooses to follow. Francis, a Kasiisi Primary School alum and a Kasiisi Project Scholar, graduated in January from Makerere University.  The third member of our scholarship program to graduate from University, he obtained  a B.SC. in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Wetland Management. Francis who was funded through secondary school and University by the generosity of the students and parents of The Field School in Weston, Massachusetts, now works for our Ugandan partner, The Kibale Forest Schools Program, as  the director of our environmental education programs. Nice job Francis and hats off to  our great Scholarship Committee whose hard work  and commitment has helped another student succeed.

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