Kasiisi Project Summer Updates

The US summer is always a busy time with Kasiisi Project Programs. Below are updates on some of the projects we have been involved in in 2013.

Opening of new Kasiisi Project Library


The third Kasiisi Project Primary School Library was opened this summer at Kigarama School. Built under the supervision of our Ugandan counterpart, the Kibale Forest Schools Program and funded by Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord, MA, the library was stocked and teachers trained by Kasiisi Literacy Project director Barbara Stevens, assisted by Wayne Lobb, Kathleen Dwyer and Courtney and Ian Masotti. Books were donated by BookAid International, Weston Public Schools and other generous donors.

Kigarama Library

Kigarama Library


Interior of Kigarama Library

Barbara Stevens and Wayne Lobb open Kigarama Library

Barbara Stevens and Wayne Lobb open Kigarama Library








 Wrangham Square












In acknowledgement of the contribution that the Kibale Chimpanzee Project  (KCP) has made to the development of Kasiisi Primary School, a conservation area has been set aside by the school and named for the founder of KCP, Richard Wrangham. Wrangham Square will be planted with indigenous trees and plants and will be maintained as an area of shade and relaxation for the whole school.

Baboons and Biogas


Baboons visit research bungalow verandah

Thanks to work by volunteer Melissa Cotterell and a partnership between the Kasiisi Project and the the Makerere University Biological Field Station (MUBFS), the Kasiisi School Biogas Digester is churning out methane and there appears to be change in behaviour of the MUBFS baboons.




Picking up kitchen waste from the Kibale Chimpanzee Project house

Three times a week a pick up, loaned by MUBFS,  collects organic waste from the kitchens on the Field Station and delivers it to Kasiisi Primary School where it is fed into the digester. The cost is shared between MUBFS and the Kasiisi Project.

Reports from MUBFS indicate a change in behaviour of the baboons which are seen to roam from one end of the Field Station to the other looking for something to eat, as trash pits no longer contain kitchen waste. It is hoped that eventually they will return to looking for food in the forest

Patrick Tusiime feeding the biogas at kasiisi

Feeding the digester

Biogas dumping MUBFS trash

Delivering feedstock to Kasiisi School

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