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Girls at Iruhuura Primary School

SAM_3864Annual Report

The annual report for October 2012-September 2013 is now available for download by clicking here. Please take a look to see all the amazing things that we have managed to accomplish this year because of all the help we have had from donors and volunteers.

And if you are still wondering what to do with your remaining charitable dollars remember our girls’ dormitory needs your help!

Girl Guides and Boy ScoutsIMG_0495

The Kasiisi Project sent girl guides and boy scouts to the national camps at Kazi in Kampala in 2013. Kasiisi Girl Scout Troupe represented the district.IMG_0500





Sports Cups

6 schools competed for the 3rd annual Brevard Zoo Sports Cups – soccer for boys and netball for girls. This year newcomers, Iruhuura Primary School,  took the netball cup and Kigarama the soccer cup.

Rweteera net ball team

Rweteera Netball Team

Kiko shootin in (green)

Kiko Girls score a goal


Image 1

Iruhuura girls win the netball trophy








Kibale Chimpanzee Project Debate Cup

Image 29

Judges: Nick Brazeau, Kibale Chimpanzee Project:Omeja Patrick, Kibale Monkey Project, Allison Rosenberg, The Kasiisi Project

6 schools competed for the Kibale Chimpanzee Project Debate Cup as part of the Great Ape Education Project at the Makerere University Biological Field Station.

Image 41

Kasiisi debate coach Muhendo Richard confers with his team

The students, who had to both oppose and propose each motion were given a list of potential  subjects such as “All people should only eat plant food” and ” Conservation should be taught to children rather than adults as they are the future” and were only told on the day which topics they were debating. After a very close and fiercely competed fight Kasiisi retained the cup for a second year. 37% of students said that they had learned about conservation, 23% said that their confidence improved, 23% that their English was better and 17 % reported better debate skills.

Image 37

Iruhuura Team

Image 35

Kiko Team




Image 31

Kigarama team

Image 25

Kasiisi Project BOD member Kagaba Joshua gives out prizes and each school gets a cake!




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