Water Project Funded for 2 More Years

Pere-Atchte School(Ategeka) It was my first time to head such a scientific project at my school and an amazing opportunity for my learners to use equipment in their learning experience. It helped learners reduce to fatigue of classroom learning. Special thanks go to KFSP.

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Iruhuura School (Saad): Thank you so much The Kasiisi project/KFSP for remembering us by including Iruhuura primary school into this wonderful project. It has given me an opportunity to teach my learners through hands on activity.Learners were able to identify some of the bad practices that impact water quality like growing crops near water sources, distilling from rivers, sharing water sources with domestic animals, playing, defecating among other practices.

Cleveland_Zoo_LogoThanks to Cleveland Zoo and the Dry Creek Charity the Kasiisi Project and Kibale Forest Schools’ Program will be able to continue and extend our Water Project for two more years, helping hundreds more children think about the impact of their actions on the environment, through activities that measure the quality of local water sources.

Kigarama School (Magezi Godfrey)The project never interfered school activities because it was done during the co-curricular activities. The pupils learned a lot from the project and it was exciting and fun.

Now in its third year the Water Project has reached a point where 5 of the 7 current schools can run the program themselves. This year we are adding 2 more schools  using Saad our water project teacher from Iruhuura School as program leader. So not only do we have a project that can almost sustain itself, but that also has the momentum to reach many more schools without us.

New plans include bringing our program and training to partner schools near Kampala.

Kasiisi School (Patrick) The kids loved outdoor activities. The content complimented the science syllabus. The project never interfered with the school’s timetable


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