Environmental Issues Bridge Cultures

No matter where we live the issue of clean water is a vital concern for us all. When we encourage young children to think about what factors  impact water quality we are helping raise adults who  will be more thoughtful about their environment.


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This week the President of the United Sates, while attending  the White House Student Film Festival, talked about the collaborative environmental programs  that link Kasiisi Project children with peers at the Brookwood School, in the US. The same day we received photos of children involved in  water conservation  classes in Bay City State Park, Michigan that mirror those from our own Cleveland Zoo funded Kasiisi Water Project in Uganda.


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We were struck by the similarity in these photographs taken in two very different places.  They underscore the fact that protecting the environment is something that is of concern to all people wherever we live. In addition by enabling children to connect face to face across the world to discuss issues that are important for everyone, modern technology, particularly in the form of Skype,  helps us build important bridges.

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