Another Kasiisi Scholar Excels, Virtual Cultural Exchange and Photography!

Namara Godwin

Namara GodwinAnother Kasiisi Project Scholar has excelled in his Grade 12 leaving exams, to become our third highest scoring scholar ever. Namara Godwin scored 18/20 in his A Levels – results that qualify him for a government scholarship to university.

We are especially proud of Godwin who kept going despite bouts of debilitating ill health in high school, and we would like to extend huge thank yous to everyone who chipped in and supported him, when he lost his sponsors after 10th Grade.   Thanks too to the Kasiisi Project Scholarship Committee,  that ensured he got the right medical attention when he needed it and who helped him regain his place as one of our best students.

Virtual Cultural Exchange


Iruhuura Student Skype with Brookwood


Demonstrating making mud bricks

For the last 2 years a Kasiisi Project School has partnered with Brookwood School in Manchester, MA and schools in Brazil and Rwanda to discuss issues of conservation and to build clean burning, fuel efficient stoves (now built with handmade unfired mud bricks to reduce cost and use of wood). This year this Virtual Cultural Exchange,  expanded to include not only the building of stoves, but also discussion of great ape conservation  and  issues impacting girls. Students from Iruhuura Primary school and Brookwood were able to meet and learn about each other through e-mail and Skype.







Grouped Photographs by students of Kigarama Primary School, Uganda, Brookwood School, Massachusetts and The Urban Assembly School, Bronx, NY

Brookwood has also become a 3rd school in the growing program to connect students to their environment, and to each other, through photographs.

Kasiisi 2









An exhibition at the school included photographs taken by students from Kigarama and Kyanyawara Primary schools in Uganda, from the Urban Assembly School in the Bronx, NY, and from Brookwood in Massachussets.

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