West Point 2014


West Point Cadets and Rwabuhinga Francis Kibale Forest Schools Program Conservation Education Coordinator


For a third year we welcomed a group of West Point Cadets and their Professor to the Kasiisi Project. This year they focused on 2 water related projects. The first was to ensure that all our schools had working  rain water catchment systems, with a 10,000L barrel for every 500 children. They installed barrels in 2 schools and work in 7 more schools will continue after their departure. IMG_0842







Watching other people work is the most fun. Kigarama students recess entertainment


IMG_0929 copy

But you can help as well – Rweteera students carrying hardcore to the site of the new water tank








The second was to find a way to pump filtered water from the river at the eastern boundary of the Kasiisi farm, up the hill to where it is needed for chickens and pigs. There is no electricity at the farm so they focused on ways to use the energy from the river’s flow to pump the water. They visited the RAM pump at Nyakasura  in Fort Portal to see how one school addresses this challenge


RAM pump at Nyakasura


Measuring lift distance







Walking to the Farm




Testing turbidity for the proposed filter

After further research they will return to Ugandan in 2015 to build a pump best suited to our needs.

In addition they initiated the first step of a new program to compare emissions from traditional 3 stone fires and the clean burning stoves built by our students in their communities.


Traditional high emission 3 stone fire


Low emission, fuel efficient stove


Emission testing equipment










Setting up the equipment









While with us they also tracked chimpanzees and visited Queen Elizabeth National Park accompanied by students from Kiko, Kigarama, Rweteera and Komyamperre schools. They joined other volunteers in a soccer game against the barefoot Kasiisi team and were beaten 1-0, and we took advantage of one cadets skills as mechanic to fix our project bikes.


Hanging out with the kids


Fixing a project bike








Visiting the Katwe Salt Pans


West Point, Harvard and Yale Students joined by pupils from Komyamperre   School on a trip to Queen Elizabeth







Kasiisi Primary School Team and Volunteer Teams face off. Final score 1-0 to Kasiisi

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