Summer News from Uganda

Oliver Bradley, Clara Chen, Kayal Brude, Ann Finkel and Matt Stolz in the Mountains of the Moon

Volunteers Oliver Bradley (Yale ’14) , Clara Chen (Harvard) , Kayla Bruce (Tulane) , Ann Finkel (Harvard) and Matt Stolz (Harvard)




The US summer brings  new groups of young volunteers to Uganda and with them a come a range of fun and educational activities for the schools – always a high point of the year for our students.

Students at Kyanyawara Primary School are learning  to knit, thanks to the efforts of Ellen Sarkisian. Ellen, has donated wool and needles and has encouraged others to follow suit.

girls knitting road to Kanyawara

Kyanyawara girls knitting on the way home from school.



Oliver building the fire pit







Volunteers enjoying  the fruits of his labors



Kasiisi Project hand logo in the fire pit







Volunteer Oliver Bradley has put his architectural skills to work designing and building a new fire pit, sporting the Kasiisi Hand Logo  at the Kasiisi Guesthouse.

Lunch at the Kasiisi Guest House

Lunch at the Kasiisi Guest House


Yvonne introducing Maths game

Yvonne Pemberton introducing Maths games in the Kasiisi Primary School Library

Pants for girl guides

Underwear for Kasiisi Girl Guides

Skipping ropes

Skipping Ropes

Meghan Pemberton recorder P4

Meghan introducing recorders to the P4 class















Megan and the Kasiisi Netball Team







Yvonne and Meghan Pemberton, visiting from the UK, introduced the children to  recorders, brought skipping ropes, played netball and used games to enhance math skills. We thank Yvonne for suggesting to Tesco that they might donate underwear to our girls program. Providing underwear is an important component of menstrual care.

Harvard Student Clara Chen held cooking classes with Kasiisi Students as part of a nutrition and health enrichment project.


Clara making Rolex – omelets wrapped in chapattis- with Kasiisi students













Ann Finkel continued a program of cross-cultural research into cognition, comparing how Ugandan and US children’s allocate resources,  and Kayla Bruce helped out with our girls’ sexual health program. Nai Kalema a student in the MIT D-Lab Education Class, worked with Kasiisi staff to introduce concepts of  social entrepreneurship to the children.


Ann Finkel testing how Ugandan children distribute resources


Kayla Bruce and Kasiisi nurse Basemera Eve, with the Lalor Cup, awarded to the school who have made the most progress in girls’ health.






Nai Kalema meeting with teachers


Sunset from the Kasiisi Guesthouse

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  1. Chantal says:

    I’m not sure if this is the best place on your site to point this out, but I haven’t seen mention here of any menstruation aids for girls other than pads. Wouldn’t a menstrual cup be a better choice in many cases? It is reusable, hygienic and lasts for multiple years.

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