Social Entrepreneurship at Kasiisi


Nai leading discussions with teachers at Kasiisi

This summer MIT D-Lab student Nai Kalema, visited  Uganda as a follow up to her classwork, to work alongside teachers in Kasiisi Project schools to develop a pilot program introducing the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems,  to the students of the Kibale Forest Schools Program.


Model of electrical connections to a village house

Students from Kasiisi Primary School learned that the many ways they identified as showing creativity in their lives, making books from newspaper, balls from plastic bags, cooking, drawing etc  can be applied to creating social change for the good in their communities. That even children can be agents for positive change.


Students brainstormed issues they felt were important to their communities: Bringing electricity to their villages to reduce deforestation: Environmental management: Promoting agro-forestry to reduce impact and frequency of droughts and famine and clean water.

The groups made posters and models illustrating the ways they could effect social change around their chosen topics: Changing community behaviors that are adverse to the environment through education and monitoring of environmental impacts: Advocacy in local churches, markets, community centers and villages : Facilitating conversations with leadership and within communities : Providing safety education about electricity.

They then presented their projects to the rest of the school.



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The Agro-forestry team presents to the rest of the school


















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