Girls’ Empowerment


Kyanyawara School skit demonstrating how parents empower girls by supporting them with basic needs and love care and guidance










Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 6.04.12Students from 7 schools competed in a Drama, Music and Dance competition, focused on issues of sexual health, girl’s empowerment and equal access to education. This competition, the culmination of 6 months of activities designed to support the health curricula taught in the schools, was part of a new trial initiative, funded by the Lalor Foundation, to bring  in-depth health knowledge and greater life skills to our girls. So that  information presented in the skits and songs could be shared with a wider audience, all teams performed for their schools before traveling to the competition. Nurse Lucy, of the Kibale Health and Conservation Project was on hand to correct any errors.


Bad company and alcohol


And lifts from Boda (motorbike taxis) Boys









Can lead to early pregnancy









Kiko won the prize for the best song, Kyanyawara for the best skit, Kigarama showed the most creativity, Rweteera the best Life Skills message, Pere Atche the best Women’s Empowerment dance and Iruhuura the best Empowerment message. Kasiisi Primary School was the overall winner.

Scores from Music Drama and Dance, gardens and essay writing were tallied and Kasiisi became the first Recipient of the Lalor Girls’ Health Cup.


Kyanyawara Girls’ Choir

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