Girls and Bees


Sarah Callan demonstrates pollination to members of the Kasiisi Wildlife Club

Know a kid who loves bees? or a friend passionate about helping girls stay in school? With the Holiday Season just round the corner are you looking for a great Holiday, Birthday or just an “I Love You” gift.

We have 2 great options for you:  Help donate a Bunk for our new girl’s dormitory,  due to open in February, or a buy a Beehive for our farm.

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Each bunk set costs $80 – we need 60, and each Beehive $40 – we need at least 20 to make it worth the beekeeper’s time to set up the hives. Buy a whole bunk or only part of one,  share the purchase of a beehive with your honey or buy one for your children – we will keep them updated on “their bees” and link them to the Ugandan students who are going to paint them.

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Put your Honey's name on a beehive or your children's on a bunk.

6″ x 2″ plaque We will engrave the name of the recipient of your gift and attach it to the item you choose.

Let us know the name and address of the recipient and the date you want it delivered by,  and if you want us to add Holly, Menorah, Hearts or Birthday Balloons.  We will send either a Bee Card or a Bunk Card, or both, and attach a plaque with the recipient’s name to the item you choose. Then we will send a photograph of the finished item to them.

Donate through our Paypal button  at and we will contact you for details or e-mail


Girls looking at Bees



Girl teaching about bees

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