Kasiisi Project Schools’ Best Year Yet


Students at Kasiisi Primary School do soil tests








Kasiisi Primary School attained the second best score in the 2014 Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) for a government primary schools in the whole of Kabarole District  with 76% of its students attaining Grade 1 passes. For the first time we had students with an aggregate score of 5 – a girl at Kigarama and a boy at Kiko. The best score possible is a 4.

Now we would like to give the most able of them a chance at a high quality secondary education and the brightest future possible.

Has it been in your mind that you might like to sponsor one of our students for secondary school but haven’t quite got around to doing it? Can you commit to 4 years of a full or partial scholarship? Can you do it this year? To be able to sponsor 2 students of  each sex  this year we need someone,  or a group of someones,  to support a boy.

If you are interested please contact elizabeth@kasiisiproject.org and we will give you all the details.

In the meantime congratulations and huge thanks to everyone who has helped our schools excel – either with generous contributions, hard work or both!

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