Girl’s Dormitories open at Kasiisi Primary School

KP Dorm_1

Kasiisi School Dormitory – Completed Girls’ Wing on Right.

The girls’ wing of the dormitories at Kasiisi Primary School opened last month at the start of the new school year, adding to the suite of girl focused interventions we have initiated to keep them in school. Girls face many challenges to getting a good education. We have addressed their unique biology with sanitary supplies, girl friendly latrines and sexual health education. However long walks to school,  chores at home and lack of light to do homework by also interfere with academic progress. Our students cite issues of sexual harassment on the way to school and fear of rape – concerns their parents share and which lead them to keep adolescent girls at home. In addition to these advantages, boarding students also have access to extra academic support and the school library.

feb 23 2015-86

Girl’s Dormitory Bunk

feb 23 2015-79






Now we have to find money to finish the boys side. Their challenges, more tightly tied to the family economy are much more intractable. They drop out of primary school at faster rates than girls and their absenteeism rates are higher. Uneducated boys seeing their sisters surpass them are not good for anyone, least of all for girls. Boarding will help manage the gap, but we need the money to complete their dormitory. So if you are interested in supporting girls please consider a donation to our boys dormitory!

feb 23 2015-94

Kasiisi School Dining Room



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