Kigarama Library Gets 3000 New Books


Books Laid Out in Kigarama Library

Kasiisi Project Literacy Director, Barbara Stevens and her husband Wayne Lobb spent 3 weeks unpacking and shelving  3,000 books at Kigarama library in February. Thanks to donations from Weston Public Library, Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord, MA, and UK based Book Aid International the shelves at Kigarama Library, built in 2013, are now looking much fuller.


Wayne Lobb Unpacks Books in Kigarama Library


Barbara and 103 Kigarama Grade 2 Students Share New Books

Books groups were started and teachers were able for the first time to prepare lessons using encyclopedias.


Barbara Stevens Leads Book Group Started by 4 Students in P6 and P7


Teachers Consult Encyclopedias



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