Kasiisi Students Celebrate Earth Day


Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program Team ( James, Pamela, Katelyn, Max, Emily, Patrick, Francis and Hope): Celebrate Earth Day.


The Kasiisi Project Booth – Katelyn teaches about malaria transmission


Patrick demonstrates the use of mosquito nets – not to be used for fishing or poaching!

Students from Nyabweya Primary Schools represented the Kasiisi Project/ Kibale Forest Schools’ Program at Earth Day celebrations hosted by UNITE in southern Kibale National Park. This is a great opportunity for us to share what we are doing and to learn from other programs.


Kasiisi Project Student shares information on Malaria and the water project

Our students shared information about conserving the environment by talking about the Cleveland Zoo and Cold Creek Foundation funded Kasiisi Water Project. Kasiisi Project  Health Education directors,   Peace Corps Volunteer Katelyn Wigmore and Kasiisi Scholar alum Tumusiime Patrick,  talked about how malaria is spread and the use of mosquito nets.

The girls of Nyabweya Primary School, coached by Katelyn, played in the soccer contest.

Thank you UNITE for a great day!


A wide variety of  species of macro-invertbrates is a measure of good water quality. Princeton in Africa Volunteer Max Sugarman and Kasiisi Project students demonstrate to other schools how they use this information to measure how clean their water is.


Nyabweya Girls Soccer Team with Coach Katelyn

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