Kasiisi Project and the Peace Corps

The Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program (KP/KFSP) are proud of our partnership with the United States Peace Corps and we feel really lucky to have three enthusiastic volunteers working in our schools.

One volunteer works in all 14 schools, with a special interest in girls programming and two were  independently  assigned to two schools to work to improve education.


Apart from bringing additional manpower and expertise to our programs PCV’s  can provide wonderful opportunities for our students and staff through Peace Corps sponsored workshops and meetings.

Last month all three volunteers took  9 students and teachers from Kasiisi Project schools to a week long workshop focused on Youth – Adult Partnerships and Youth Development, which was hosted by Peace Corps, Uganda and The Centre for Creativity and Capacity Building. The trainings were designed to help students and teachers from different backgrounds and cultures discuss issues that they face daily, and collaborate on ways to tackle them.

The students will take their new expertise and leadership skills and start student-run clubs in their schools.



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