Kasiisi Project Teachers write Reading Books

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.48.25In 2015 the Kasiisi Project sponsored two workshops to introduce teachers to free, online,  multilingual, culturally relevant reading materials.  Led by Kasiisi Project Literacy Coordinator, Adyeeri Moses, they  also learned to write and upload stories. The result is The Elephant and the Chameleon,  (Enjojo n’e Nyapimpina), a new story written in Rutooro and English,  by a teachers from Kigarama Primary School. th

The great challenge of acquiring literacy skills in underfunded educational systems is a lack of enough reading material, especially in languages familiar to the students. The Kasiisi Project is partnering with one organization that is working to fill the gap. The African Storybook Project,

The goal of the African Storybook Project is to provide all  African children with enough culturally relevant stories  in languages familiar to them, to promote literacy and love of reading, through easy to access, free,  on-line resources. Their website provides stories that can be downloaded, translated, and changed. Teachers can write their own stories, illustrate and upload them. Books can be printed by schools or uploaded to phones, computers and tablets to ensure maximum reach.  One $50 tablet – about the cost of  3 conventional books – can stores hundreds of books providing access to reading materials to large numbers of children.Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.03.00



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