Our First Honey


Honey Comb


Marianne Staniunas, honey buyer for Formaggio Kitchen and Pamela Otali Kasiisi Project Field Director suiting up!

Last month we harvested our first honey from Kasiisi Project Beehives – 10 litres. Not a huge harvest but our hives are new and it has been a wet dry season which impacts the yield. It was a magical experience, very dark with wonderful stars and very cross bees. Our mixed-blossom honey is amazing –  with slight tartness balancing the sweetness. We wish we could bring some back but hope all of you who sponsored hives will come and try it for yourselves in Uganda some time.


Kasiisi Apiary by night


Smoke to calm the bees


Mr. Mujuni, our bee consultant, and Irumbu Abel, the Kasiisi Farm manager, straining  broken  up combs


Wax left behind after straining


The harvest

We need more hives, so if you  are a  bee and honey fan and like the idea of a hive in Africa with your name on it, please think about sponsoring one. The cost is $40 and all hives have plaques with their sponsors name. You can use the pay pal button at www.kasiisi.project.org or contact us at elizabeth@kasiisiproject.org.Gossman

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