Emergency Funding for Girls’ Latrines

IMG_0115  This is the time of year for last minute donations  for 2015. If you have  a few dollars to give we have an emergency that really needs them

Last week the second latrine block at Kasiisi Primary School Collapsed leaving just 4 cubicles and 2 washrooms for over 500 girls.

IMG_0114Adequate sanitation is profoundly an issue of dignity. Too few latrines mean  dirty latrines, long lines and difficulty washing – not great if your period has just started. So girls will start to miss school again and will once again lag behind their brothers.


The need is desperate if the school is to reopen in February. This school is the 3rd best in the district for girls, including  independent schools with smaller classes and more money. Please help us keep it this way by donating through our paypal button, contacting elizabeth@kasiisiproject.org and sharing our GoFundMe  campaign gofund.me/s3dvsy7w Latrines for Rural Ugandan Girls.

Please make this a Happy Holiday Season for the girls at Kasisi Primary School. Want to make your donation a holiday gift in someone’s honor? We will send a card!!

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2 Responses to Emergency Funding for Girls’ Latrines

  1. Debbie Slotpole says:

    I’m wondering why the latrines collapsed? What changes can be made so it doesn’t happen to other latrines in the future?

    • Elizabeth says:

      We are not sure. These were pretty old – built by government builders as part of a collaborative building program we had with them and probably poorly built. If construction is not closely watched substandard or adulterated cement is often used so builders etc cam make more money. In addition earth tremors are common.

      One of them was almost full so was coming to the end of its life anyway.

      It is now possible to have latrines pumped but the pits need to be lined with bricks so we will be looking into building pumpable latrines as well. More expensive but maybe chaeper in the long run.

      We are also hiring an expatriate construction overseer to make sure that the cement is OK and as little as possible walks away.

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