Girl’s Latrines


Megan Murdock, Kibale Forest Schools Program construction supervisor, buying bricks for the new Kasiisi Latrines

Good sanitation is critically important to education at many levels. Health, dignity and attendance of both students and teachers are profoundly impacted by poor sanitation.


Kiamara Latrines for girls funded by BFSS

The Kasiisi Project has a goal to provide adequate latrines and clean water in all 14 schools. Thanks to a grant from of the British and Foreign Schools Society 2 blocks of latrines for girls have been built at Kiamara Primary School and 3 more are planned at Kasenda and Nyabweya schools. Thanks to support from the Peace Corps, Detroit Rotary are funding new latrines at Kyakatara and huge gratitude to all the very generous donors who helped us build 2 new blocks of girls latrines at Kasiisi.


Latrines, funded by the Detroit Rotary, under construction at Kyakatara Primary School

We have a long way to go but this is a wonderful start. If sanitation is your passion too, please consider donating to our water and latrine fund through the paypal button on our website.

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