School Fees for Gladys

The Kasiisi Project works hard to ensure that the girls in our schools have the chance to perform as well as boys,  and when they do well we celebrate. But our interest in their education does not end there – we want to see them have the opportunity to continue their education into secondary school and even college. To become educated, independent women with a bright future.  For many, orphaned, abandoned, or simply living in poverty, this is an unreachable dream without your help.Kabasinguzi Gladys 1

Kabasinguzi Gladys has just graduated from Kasenda Primary School. She passed her Primary Leaving Exams with a Grade 1 pass, one of the top 3 girls in her school, but there is no hope of secondary education for her. Her father abandoned the family 4 years ago and she does not know where her mother lives. Gladys is the 4th of 7 children and apart from a 7 year-old  the only one still in school. She currently lives with one of her teachers earning her keep by housekeeping. The teacher, who has kids of her own,  has no money for Gladys’ education.  We are looking for one sponsor or multiple sponsors to help pay Gladys’ school fees for  at least the next 4 years. If we can raise the school fees we will commit to paying for everything else – mattress, pocket money, uniform, toiletries, travel etc. and we will ensure she has somewhere safe to live in the holidays. We cannot promise she will excel – our students have a tough row to hoe – but we can guarantee that our scholarship committee will give her the help,  advice and supervision she will need to do the best she can.

If you are interested in contributing to Gladys’ fees – we need $1000 a year for 4 years – either as sole sponsor or as part of a team, please make a contribution through our paypal button at or contact us at

Thanks as always for your help.

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