Health Peer Education Workshop


Workshop students having lunch

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Fifty Six 4th and 5th grade girls and boys  attended a Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program Health Peer-Education workshop at Makerere University Biological Field Station to learn to be health resources for their fellow students. Based on previous data we know that only 2 trained Peer-Educators in a school of 800 students can significantly (p=0.01) increase health knowledge in their peers by 20% within 12 months.

Learning how to repair mosquito nets

Learning how to repair mosquito nets



Hand washing tips

Joined by the Senior Woman and Men Teachers from each of the 14 schools and  Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools’ Program health staff, the students learned the basics of hygiene, malaria prevention and nutrition.

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Dish rack

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Increased food production – spreading ash on Permagardens






Students also acquired in depth knowledge of sexual health to equip them to be sources of accurate information and providers of support to their peers.IMG_6367

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Making reusable menstrual pads



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